Automated hand draws

Bit_traces is a research project whose result is a series of illustrations painted with markers, pens, pencils and other writing and drawing tools and like Programmed Clay project, is finalized to explore the potential of artistic production that uses directly the code as a creative tool. Differently from the latter, the production process does not refer to a single machine and therefore do not use only one type of code, but will exploit the potential of different machines, from classical 3D printer, passing through the milling machines up to industrial robots. Like Algorhitmic ceramic, the code is produced in unconventional way, without the use of a dedicated software that transcribes the processing in the code following the designed path, but generating the code directly, which includes a number of controlled variables, useful to get different results each time, defined not only by the parametric code but also from the chosen media, from drawing tool and the machine. The artwork is not remotely associable to a printed production, because it is not the printing of a drawing, for Bit-traces project the machine emulates that is the typical production process of illustrator who works by hand, the digitization of the process is not aimed at the faithful reproduction of an image, but it consists in drawing and painting in the traditional sense of the term, however, through the code. The theme of this project is the exploration of the gap between manual and digital production in the arts, in which as author I pose critically towards both processes and work in the middle between these two worlds, seeking the typical and characteristic values of both, with the aim of thoroughly understand how they relate to each other opposing and complementing it.